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Himachal Pradesh : Congress begins preparations for upcoming elections

A meeting of Training Department of Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee was held on virtual basis under the chairmanship of Chairman of Training Department Harikrishna Himral here today.

During this, Himral said that the decision taken to organize two-day training camps in all the districts of the state could not be completed due to COVID. He said that now these camps should be completed.

Himral said that recently Sanjay Dutt, secretary in-charge of state affairs, secretary of All India Congress Committee, has also clearly said that the training programs of the party should be organized soon with all the leading organizations of the Congress party.
Himral said that the state affairs in-charge Rajiv Shukla has already made it clear about the importance of the party’s training programs and the need that youth should be involved more and more in these training programs.

Himral informed that Chief of All India Congress Committee’s training department, Congress executive member Sachin Rao and All India Congress Committee secretary state in-charge Mahendra Joshi have also asked all the office bearers to complete the training program soon. He said that in the state. There are going to be three by-elections. He said that the state assembly elections are also going to be held next year, so all the training programs have to be completed soon and fight in the field so that the party’s victory can be ensured.

During this, the officials of the Training Department assured that all the training programs would be completed soon.He said that he has urged the heads of all the leading organizations of the party to chalk out the contours of these programmes. Vasu Soni, Vikram Chaudhary, Vidya Sagar Chauhan, Alak Nanda Handa, Reena Kumari, Nirmala Verma, Reena Pundir, Indra Jeet Singh, Uday Nand Sharma, Pankaj Musafir, Atul Sharma, Rajkumari Soni and Dr. Dalip Singh Dhiman participated in the meeting.