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Utarakhand / Rishikesh : AAP has accused the state agitators of cheating

Anger over not getting 10 percent reservation for state agitators

Aam Aadmi Party has spoken against the state government. They are angry with the state agitators not getting 10 percent reservation in government jobs. By demonstrating, he accused the state government of cheating with the state agitators. On Friday, Aam Aadmi Party workers gathered at Nepali Farm Tirahe and burnt an effigy of the state government. AAP’s organization minister Dinesh Aswal said that the sacrifice of our martyrs and agitators in the formation of the state of Uttarakhand has been unforgettable. But the BJP has continuously attacked the rights of the agitators. The issue of reservation being given to the agitators in government services, which was going on in the Uttarakhand High Court since 2011, has been canceled due to the insensitivity and poor lobbying of the BJP government. District media in-charge Dr. Raje Singh Negi said that since the formation of the state, whenever the BJP government has come to power in the state, then it has done the work of crushing the dreams of the state agitators. The state government should have made a law in the assembly to nullify this order, but by not doing so, the government has done a big injury to the rights of the agitators.

Among the protesters are District President Amit Bishnoi, Organization Secretary Dinesh Kuliyal, Vijay Panwar, Ganesh Bijalvan, Ashok Singh Rana, Devraj Negi, Jagdish Kohli, Vinayak Giri, Vikrant Bharadwaj, Ankit Naithani, Praveen Aswal, Mahavir Amola, Rishi Yadav, Harshit Chauhan, Narendra Rawat , Chandramohan Bhatt, Jai Prakash Bhatt, Manju Sharma, Prem Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Aman Nautiyal, Manoj Bhatt Dimple etc.