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Uttarakhand / Rishikesh : Uttarakhand Truck Transport Federation’s meeting

Local transporters and traders are becoming vocal in demanding a ban on the entry of vehicles carrying out-of-state goods in the mountainous region. Transporters and traders, who came together in the matter, say that outside vehicles are making a dent in their business, due to which the local transport business is facing economic slowdown. People associated with this have come to the brink of unemployment. On Saturday, in a meeting of Uttarakhand Truck Transport Federation at a wedding point on Dehradun Road, transport businessmen and traders brainstormed to save the ever-decreasing local transport business. Federation General Secretary Manoj Dhyani said that according to the national permit conditions, the local transport businessmen are collecting the tax of the vehicles, but the vehicles of Haryana, UP are getting the benefit. Garhwal Truck Owners Association President Dinesh Bahuguna said that in big projects like the under-construction Rishikesh-Karnprayag railway line and all-weather road, the transport businessmen of Uttarakhand are being neglected and work is being given to outside transporters. Secretary of Truck Owners Association Jayendra Ramola said that a united fight will have to be fought to save the transport business. Transport businessman Gajendra Singh Negi said that on the lines of Himachal state, local vehicles in Uttarakhand should be allowed to carry 10 tonnes of goods. Alleged that in the name of checking, the transport department and police are harassing the local transporters. It was unanimously decided that banning outside vehicles will put pressure on the government to bring the transport business out of the economic slowdown. If positive action is not taken, they will be compelled for violent agitation by blocking the vehicles.