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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : AAP’s performance against rising LPG prices

Aam Aadmi Party workers demonstrated against the rising prices of LPG cylinders. The workers, carrying empty cylinders in their hands, raised slogans against the central government. The activists have also warned of a violent agitation if inflation is not controlled soon. On Saturday morning, activists under the leadership of senior leader Gurmail Singh Rathore gathered at Laxmipur Chowk. Workers with empty cylinders in their hands raised slogans against the BJP government at the Centre. Attacking the government, senior leader Gurmail Singh Rathore said that since the BJP came to power, the inflation is increasing day by day. Whereas, before coming to power, BJP used to perform daily dharna against inflation. Not only this, before coming to power, this blind deaf government of BJP had also shown many lucrative dreams to the public. Promises were made to the people to reduce inflation and provide employment. But, at present, the hit of unemployment along with inflation has made the common man yearn for bread for two times. Due to the rising prices of LPG, the working class is unable to fill even the cylinders. With this, the game of changing the Chief Minister is going on in Uttarakhand every day. Instead of developing the state, BJP leaders are engaged in changing the Chief Minister. In which the public’s car earnings are getting paid for elections and by-elections. Drawing the attention of the government towards inflation, he demanded relief to the public at the earliest. Said that if inflation is not controlled soon, then every worker of Aam Aadmi Party will come out on the streets and agitate. Aarti Rana, Manoj Chowdhary, Dara Singh, Laxmikant Gautam, Vinod Rathor, Mahendra Chowdhary, Dayaram, Gautam Rathor, Shiva Dogra, Sangat, Hrithik Bhardwaj, Nikhil, Ashish, Shimla Devi, Soni, Kavita, Kuldeep, Baljit Singh, Nikita , Sumit Rawat, Akash etc. activists were involved.