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Aditi Balan admits director’s eye is on her Cold Case co-star Prithviraj

Actress Aditi Balan, while talking about her experience working with Prithviraj Sukumaran in the upcoming horror thriller Cold Case, says the Malayalam star, who is also a film producer, looks at the scenes through the eyes of a director. I was nervous on the first day of shooting, says Aditi, as it was probably the first time I was seeing her in person. I’m a fan. He is very professional and perfect. But the next day it got better. Then, I started chatting with him. He is also a director, so he keeps track of things as a director. Once or twice he helped me with a few things at a scene and suggested how to fix it. It was nice of him helping me or teaching me as a co-star to perform better so that I can do better.
Cold Case is a story woven around a murder, which is investigated by ACP Satyajit (Prithviraj Sukumaran). As Satyajit unravels the many mysteries behind the murder, the case turns cold with the emergence of supernatural forces. Finding their way through parallel investigations, Satyajit and investigative journalist Medha Padmaja (Aditi Balan) unearth secrets they never imagined.

The film marks the directorial debut of cinematographer-turned-filmmaker Tanu Balak and is written by Srinath V. Nath. It premiered globally on Amazon Prime Video on June 30.