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Ayurvedic clinical trial now part of CTRI portal made in the terminology of Ayurveda

Medical trials or clinical trials taking place in Indian traditional medicine systems have now strengthened the way to get worldwide recognition. This has been possible due to the inclusion of the clinical trials being conducted under Ayurveda in the term Ayurveda itself in the Clinical Trials Registry-India. The inclusion of this Ayurveda component in the CTRI portal will be inaugurated by AYUSH Minister Kiren Rijiju on Monday. Keep in mind that ICMR has had special cooperation in carrying out this work. Along with this, the AYUSH Minister will also inaugurate four other portals developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda Sciences.

It is noteworthy that according to the standard of the World Health Organization, any clinical trial of medicine, treatment etc. on humans is required to be registered in any public registry and in India this work is certified by the World Health Organization (CTR-India). being done on the portal.

It is not that clinical trials were not being done in Ayurveda till now. Clinical trials are being done continuously in Ayurveda. Ayurveda has its own system of medicine and has its own terminology for clinical examination. This terminology had not yet become a part of CTRI. Because of this, those conducting clinical trials in Ayurveda had to resort to translation and medical terminology of allopathy.

Now Indian Institute of Medical Sciences-National Institute of Medical Statistics has included the medical terminology of Ayurveda in the CTRI portal. For this, the Namaste (NAMASTE) portal, developed earlier by the Ministry of AYUSH, was resorted to. In this portal, the diseases recorded in Ayurveda Shastra by the Ministry of AYUSH have been coded according to the standards of International Classification of Diseases.

3866 codes have been taken from Namaste Portal in CTRI Registry. This means that in the clinical trial under Ayurveda, now the information about the trial, results etc. will be available in the vocabulary of Ayurveda only.

What are clinical trials…………

Before making any medicine, treatment etc publicly available to the public, it is necessary to see what is the effect of medicine, treatment etc. on human beings. It is tested scientifically on those who present themselves. It is just like that before the COVID vaccine was launched in the market, some people were urged to try the vaccine. These people were vaccinated under the supervision of experts and the vaccine was made available to others when the vaccine showed promising results.

Why is the Clinical Registry Important?

Clinical trials are being done continuously in the world for new drug discovery, treatment of diseases, etc. The problem is that the results of these trials are not publicly available and due to this there is a possibility of lack of accurate information about the trial. is. In view of this, the World Health Organization made it mandatory to create an online registry of clinical trials. In India this work is being done through CTRI and this registry is also part of the World Health Organization registry.

Clinical trials are being done continuously in Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a complete scripture of disease and treatment and has its own credibility with centuries of experience and testing. Yet at present, clinical trials are being conducted in Ayurveda to earn more trust according to modern medical science. In the recent past, many such trials related to Kovid have been registered in the CTRI Registry.