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COVID Update : 43,071 new patients found across the country, active cases reduced to 4,85,350

In the last 24 hours, 43 thousand 71 new cases of corona infection have been reported across the country. During this, 52 thousand 299 patients defeated the corona disease and 955 people died due to this disease. After the new data released by the Ministry of Health, the total corona cases reported in the country so far have increased to 3 crore 5 lakh 45 thousand 433. Out of these, 2 crore 96 lakh 58 thousand 078 patients were able to emerge from the corona, whereas till now 4 lakh 2 thousand 5 people have taken their lives.

The ministry said that the number of cases under treatment in the country has come down to 4,85,350, which is 1.59 percent of the total infection cases, while the recovery rate from Kovid-19 has improved to 97.09. He said that the number of cases under treatment has come down by 10,183 in the last 24 hours.

According to the data, 18,38,490 samples were tested on Saturday. So far 41,82,54,953 samples have been tested in the country. The ministry said that the daily infection rate is 2.34 percent. It has been less than five percent for 27 consecutive days. The weekly infection rate fell to 2.44 percent. The number of people who recovered for the 52nd consecutive day in the country exceeded the daily cases. According to the data, the number of people who have recovered from the disease has increased to 2,96,58,078, while the death rate has increased to 1.32 percent. So far 35.12 crore people in the country have been vaccinated against COVID-19.