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Uttarakhand : Competition to identify hidden talents in musical instruments

In order to recognize the hidden talents in traditional musical instruments in the state, a big competition is being organized all over Uttarakhand. This competition will be held on the initiative of Dr. KP Joshi, Senior Physician of Doon. The Department of Industry is also cooperating in this competition. On Sunday, Dr. KP Joshi and Horticulture Director Sudhir Nautiyal interacted with the reporters. Said that a competition would be held to identify the hidden talents from 13 districts. In which, along with giving prizes to the toppers, employment will also be provided. Five such talents will be identified from each district of the state. The objective of the competition is mainly to find such talent from far flung areas, who have not yet got the opportunity to showcase their talent at the state, national level. The participants will be associated with a specific art like traditional instruments, music, cultural tradition, crafts and craftsmanship. You do the work of ringal, wood, wool, natural fiber, copper etc. A committee will be formed at the district level, which will identify such talents from various sources and recommend them on the basis of their performance. Five talents will be selected from each district. A committee will also be constituted at the state level. Which will select five talents each from the recommended participants from the districts.

This way you will get prize – first prize 51000, second prize 31000, third prize 21000