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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Administration should stop illegal drug business: Vishal Rathore

Demanding to stop the growing illegal drug trade in Dharmanagari, in conjunction with the Seva Dal State Spokesperson Vishal Rathore, a protest was held at the Jwalapur railway gate and a demand was made to stop the drug trade. Vishal Rathore said that the younger generation is becoming a victim of smack, sulfa, alcohol addiction. The lives of hundreds of youth have been ruined due to drug addiction. The government is not able to curb any kind of drug addiction. Traders doing illegal business of drugs are delivering smack consignments in the streets. The police administration is not able to control the traders. The honor and dignity of Dharmanagari are also being hurt. The youth who are victims of drug addiction are bent on fighting and fighting every day. Social crimes are increasing due to drugs. Illegal drug trade should be completely curbed. State spokesperson of Youth Congress, Varun Balian said that the drug business is operating only due to the negligence of BJP public representatives. Local MLAs, MPs are unable to curb the flourishing business in Dharmanagari. Drugs are easily available to the youth. Drug trade is growing rapidly in Dharmanagari. Crimes are increasing continuously. Families are on the verge of ruin due to drug addiction. People’s representatives of BJP are not even understanding their social responsibility. District President of Scheduled Department Sunil Kumar Kadachh said that there is a need to ensure strict action by identifying the traders operating the drug business. The police administration should take concrete action to curb the sale of liquor, sulpha, smack. Continuously the police department is also running public awareness campaign against drugs. But there is a need to ensure action against drug dealers on the ground. Virendra Bharadwaj, Tripal Sharma, Ashok Kumar Singh, Atul Siddharth, Vijaypal Rathore, Jagpal Singh, Balram Singh, Nitin Kataria, Aditya Kumar, Lucky Verma, Javed Khan, Nadeem Malik, Shahrukh, Satish Kumar, Kushalpal Veer, Shafiq were among those who protested. etc. were involved.