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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Local residents protested against making Bairagi camp a dumping zone

Local residents protested against making Bairagi Camp of Ward 30 located in Kankhal a dumping zone. Local residents protested against the Chief Municipal Commissioner, Councilor and local MLA under the leadership of Mayor Representative Dhaniram Sharma. During this, the people who came to throw garbage were also not allowed by the people to throw garbage and made the vehicle run. Dhaniram Sharma, Kiran Sehgal, Manju, Kamlesh Mishra said that after the Maha Kumbh Mela, all the garbage of Kankhal area is being dumped in Bairagi camp. Many times it was opposed in front of councilor Sachin Agarwal. But the councilors are not doing anything. There is a lot of smell around because of the garbage. In addition, there is also a risk of diseases due to the spread of infection. It was made a dumping zone on the orders of the corporation officials. Councilors come to ask for votes. But the councilor has nothing to do with the problems of the people. Vipin Paywal, Pooja Sharma said that due to the dumping zone, stray animals also keep roaming. Time and again the officials were asked to remove the garbage. But there was no hearing. Chief Municipal Commissioner is working on the behest of MLA Madan Kaushik. On this occasion Kamlesh Devi, Lakshmi Devi, Mansa Devi, Premvati, Manju Devi, Anita Saini, Sushila, Radha, Poonam, Sanjeev Sehgal, Manoj Jatav, Navez Ansari, Pawan Arora, Hardwari Lal, Vijay Kumar Prajapati, Sumit Bhatia, Sangam Sharma , Wasim Salmani, Jagdeep Aswal, Ajay Mukhiya, Rajat Kumar, Bhagwanti, Saloni, Munni Saini, Usha Saini, Vishal Kumar, Rajveer Kashyap, Rajendra Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Shiva Rana, Kallu, Gaurav Rana, Rahul Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Sunny Kumar, Vipin Kumar etc.