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77 Taliban militants killed in Afghan airstrike

Afghanistan’s air force has intensified airstrikes in the war-torn country and conducted several raids on rebel targets, killing at least 77 Taliban militants. The Defense Ministry confirmed this on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, 35 militants were killed in an airstrike in the area around Alising district of Laghman province, the ministry said in a statement.

A footage released by the ministry showed heavily armed militants gathering in a broken down house before launching attacks on security posts in the area.

The statement said 26 militants were killed in two separate raids at night in the provincial capital Pul-e-Alam in Logar province and on the outskirts of Khoshi district.

On Monday night, 16 terrorists were killed in an airstrike in Hazrat-e-Sultan district of northern Samangan province.

A vehicle of the terrorists and their huge cache of arms and ammunition were also destroyed in the raid, the statement said.

The latest airstrikes came as Taliban militants continued their attacks against government security forces, capturing more than 100 suburban districts in recent weeks.