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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : Brainstormed on keeping the young people connected with education

On Tuesday, the Deputy Education Officer brainstormed with the cluster coordinators to provide education during the COVID period to the young students studying in primary and upper primary schools after the new education session started from the month of July. In the meeting convened at the Block Resource Center, discussion was held to keep the deprived youths of digital equipment connected with the mainstream of education. Deputy Education Officer Himanshu Kumar Srivastava told the cluster coordinators that most of the students do not have the necessary resources to join online education. Such students should be connected with the teaching work through educational programs being broadcast on Doordarshan and other channels. For this, instructions were given to provide information about these channels and broadcasts to every student through SMC. Told that for the distribution of MDM ration to the students, it is necessary to check the homework of the students on the scheduled date. It is the responsibility of the cluster coordinators to make proper efforts to keep the students of their service areas connected with the mainstream of education. Told that along with providing education to the children during the COVID period, it is also the responsibility of the teachers to keep them stress free. In such a situation, students who are joining online education, they should be made to do other activities along with education, so that the student can keep himself mentally and physically healthy. For this, instructions were given to take the cooperation of the team of National Child Health Program. Along with this, other departmental issues were discussed in the meeting. During this, BRC Kanhaiya Singh Rawat, Sardar Harjinder Singh, Ramnarayan Raturi, Naresh Chaudhary, Sanjay Prajapati, Yashveer were present.