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Uttarakhand / Almora : If the problems are not resolved soon, the villagers of Malli Reuni will boycott the election

The village Malli Reuni, situated in the nature zone, 33 km away from the district, is deprived of essential services even in this era of modernity. Villagers say that public representatives only make election announcements and forget election promises after elections. The population of the village shown in the census is wrong, due to which the development work in the village has been stalled for the last several years. With only some time left in the assembly elections, the villagers unitedly under the leadership of the village head, sent a memorandum to the Chief Minister through the Deputy District Magistrate on Friday and warned of boycotting the elections if their problems were not resolved soon. Villagers have shown the current census of Malli Reuni Gram Sabha correctly and giving development amount for the last twenty years, asphaltization of Majkhali Sunderkhal Batulia motor road and construction of Nali Kalmath bridge, getting Majkhali tube well which is ready to be started soon and benefit of tube well in the first village. To give to Talli and Malli Riyuni, electricity department in Majkhali has to cut electricity several times every day, whatever the cut is, it has been demanded to be done between three and four o’clock in a day. Village head Neeru Goswami told that she has met public representatives many times in the past regarding various demands, but till date nothing has been received except assurance to the villagers. On the other hand, Kshetra Panchayat member Asha Devi says that her area has always been neglected and all the villagers are forced to boycott the upcoming assembly elections due to the apathetic behavior of public representatives. Village head Neeru Goswami, Kshetra Panchayat member Asha Devi, Narayan Singh, Pan Nath, Darshan Singh, Bhim Singh, Chandan Nath, Puran Singh, Diwan Ram, Deputy Pradhan Manju Devi, etc.