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Vice President stresses on the need for behavioral change in the wake of the pandemic

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu today called for eliminating hesitation among sections of society to vaccinate and underlined the need for concerted efforts to combat fake news and dispel myths on issues related to COVID-19 .

Referring to the impact of mental stress and fear among people, he said that misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccination is a matter of serious concern. The Vice President urged personalities, doctors and others from different walks of life to allay fear and create awareness among people on the importance of vaccination.

Pointing out that India is conducting the world’s largest vaccination campaign, Naidu emphasized that every Indian has a social responsibility to vaccinate himself and encourage others to take the vaccine. He further said that the vaccination campaign should become a mass movement and youth should lead it.

On this occasion, Naidu released the book Kotha (Corona) Kathalu, a compilation of 80 short stories on COVID-19 in Telugu language by eminent writers from all over the world. He further suggested people to adopt five principles to deal with this pandemic. These include leading an active lifestyle that includes regular physical exercise or yoga, seeking spiritual satisfaction, consuming healthy nutritious food, covid appropriate behaviors such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and washing hands frequently and always. Protecting nature and living in harmony with nature.

He also stressed on the need for behavioral change in the wake of this pandemic.
Stating that India has done extremely well in dealing with the pandemic despite its large population and lack of adequate health infrastructure, he said scientists, doctors, healthcare workers and others have played an invaluable role in containing the spread of the corona virus. appreciated the efforts.

Noting that the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of regular physical activity, Naidu said that modern lifestyles and sedentary habits have increased the spread of many non-communicable diseases.

Naidu pointed to the importance of mental health as a public health issue in the wake of this pandemic and the need to address it holistically. He said that meditation and spirituality will help in maintaining balance in life. Underlining the importance of having a balanced diet, he cautioned the people, especially the youth, against the addiction of fast food.

The Vice President talked about the importance of personal hygiene. He said that this pandemic made personal hygiene essential. He urged people to follow precautions even after vaccination.
Observing that the Indian ethos is to love and live in harmony with nature, the Vice President emphasized the need to keep the living spaces well ventilated and well-lit.

On this occasion, Naidu felicitated the legendary singer Late S.P. Balasubramaniam, to whom this book is dedicated. Recalling the life of a multi-talented singer, Naidu said that in the five decades of his musical journey, S.P. Balasubramaniam has left an indelible mark on the music world. Apart from this, while appreciating the efforts of the authors and publishers for publishing this book, Naidu also reiterated the need to preserve their native languages ​​and mother tongues. He said that the medium of instruction up to primary education should be in mother tongue. He also said that importance should be given to the use of local language in administration and judiciary. He also called for gradually increasing the use of Indian languages ​​in technical education. Naidu urged the people to always speak in their mother tongue without considering other languages ​​as inferior.

In this virtual program, former Deputy Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Mandali Buddha Prasad, US based cardiologist Dr. Alla Niwas Reddy, President of All India Telugu Federation Dr. C M K Reddy, US-based cardiologist Dr. Kesani Mohan Kishore, Vamsi Art Theatre’s founding president Vamsi Ramaraju and many others from India and abroad participated.