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Diplomat-officers were brought safely from Kandahar at midnight

◾️Special Air Force aircraft used for the operation
◾️Indian Consulate-Mission Center in Afghanistan temporarily closed
◾️Diplomats and officials were in danger due to the increasing influence of Taliban

Amidst the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, India safely evacuated about 50 diplomats, staff and security personnel attached to the consulate in Kandahar late last night. The operation was carried out through a special Air Force aircraft. The consulate still has a limited number of staff. Efforts are being made to bring them back home. Consulates and mission centers have been temporarily closed.

In fact, after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, the influence of the Taliban is increasing continuously. Terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba, especially in South Afghanistan, has joined forces with Taliban fighters. They have captured many areas of South Afghanistan. The Indian security establishment had to call for security amid the escalating crisis.

Sources in the Ministry of External Affairs said that the help of a special Air Force aircraft was taken to evacuate the diplomats, staff and ITBP personnel engaged in the security of the consulate late Saturday night. The special aircraft reached Kandahar late in the night and returned with around 50 people. At present, there are only a few employees in the embassy. Plans are being made to take them out soon.

Sudden deterioration

Despite the withdrawal of NATO troops, India had announced to retain the mission center in Kabul and the consulate in Kandahar’s Mazar-e-Sharif city. India had said it had no plans to close the mission center and consulate. Meanwhile, after the situation suddenly turned from bad to worse and Taliban fighters captured many areas, India through a contingency plan made the safe return of its diplomats, employees and security personnel back home.
India being a friendly country will strive to restore peace, harmony and sovereignty in Afghanistan. We are constantly monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and reviewing the situation.
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