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After the defeat in the Euro Cup, the wife cried bitterly, Harry Kane took over

The whole of Italy erupted in joy after their victory in the penalty shootout over England. Here in London too, the happiness of the players was made on the field. The Italy team, who became the champion for the second time with the trophy, celebrated fiercely. But on the other hand there was silence in the entire stadium. The fans of England were mourning after losing in their own home. The English players were also sad, but in the midst of all this came a picture that broke everyone’s heart.

Harry Kane was seen handling his wife
The wife of England captain Harry Kane wanted to see her team become champions, but after the loss in the final, she could not stop herself and started crying bitterly. In such a situation, along with his team, 27-year-old Harry was also seen giving courage to his wife. Photos of this emotional moment are becoming fiercely viral on the internet. Katy’s love of football is also not hidden from anyone. Anyway, she herself has been a player of this game.

England lost in penalty shootout
England failed to win any major tournament after the 1966 World Cup. This is the third time in a row that England have failed in a penalty shootout. Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho also failed to score on penalties. England failed in their last three attempts. After the defeat, the English fans lost their cool outside the stadium. Italian supports were also assaulted.
Celebrations celebrated in Italy
On the other hand the streets of Rome, Milan were buzzing. Some were expressing their happiness by blowing car horns and some were celebrating with fireworks. People were singing and dancing. Most of the virus-related restrictions were lifted, which were ignored by Italian fans. After all, it was the first time since the 2006 World Cup that the country had won a major tournament. After all, Italy became European champions after failing to qualify for the last World Cup. The match was seen on the big screen in different cities of Italy.