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Himachal Pradesh / Solan : Faculty Development Program organized in Bahra UniversityFaculty Development Program organized in Bahra University

Faculty Development Program was organized in Bahra University on Monday. Many teachers of Bahra University participated in it. The main objective of this workshop was to create awareness among the teachers. So that they can carry out their research work smoothly.

The keynote speaker of this workshop was Dr. Sumit Narula. Dr. Sumit Narula is working as Director Mass Communication Department in Amity University, Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Sumit Narula is a famous editor writer and educationist of the country.

Dr Narula is one such person from India who is working against Fake News on the Internet and these Legitimate Properties. Under which they are also running a center and are also giving information to the people about the fake contact on the internet. In which the government, administration, educational institutions and many more educate the people.

So that online fraud and scam can be avoided. Dr Aruna said that post COVID-19 internet has become an important part of life. So that it is difficult to differentiate between right and wrong.

He told that the teachers of the university should keep in mind that whatever research work they do, they should be legitimists. At the same time, he told that in this internet age it is very important to sort out the right and wrong content and differentiate between them. So that their research works get proper place and marks for the various research papers published by them.

On this occasion, Public Relations Officer of Bahra University, Gaurav Bali said that the university has been emphasizing on such faculty development programs from time to time. So that not only the faculty or the students can also be provided awareness in the technological age.