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Modi extends his best wishes to the contingent of Indian athletes for Tokyo Olympics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a virtual meeting with the members of the 126-member Indian contingent going to take part in the Tokyo Olympics last evening and conveyed his best wishes to them for their good performance in the Grand Kumbh of the Games.

On this occasion, Mr. Modi said, I enjoyed talking to you. Although we could not talk to everyone, but your enthusiasm, your enthusiasm is being felt by all the people of the whole country today. The Sports Minister of the country, Shri Anurag Thakur, who was present with me in the program, has worked a lot with all of you as Sports Minister till a few days ago. Similarly, our present Law Minister Mr. Kiren Rijiju ji, Minister of State for Sports is our youth minister Mr. Nishith Pramanik ji of our team, all the heads of sports related organizations, all their members, and all my colleagues who are going to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, all Families of players, today we have had a virtual conversation but, I would have liked it better if I had hosted all of you players here at my home in Delhi, would get to meet you guys. I have always been doing this before and for me that opportunity remains an opportunity of great excitement. But this time due to Corona, that is not possible. And this time more than half of our players are already training abroad. But I promise you after I come back. I will definitely meet with all of you by taking out time as per your convenience. But Corona has changed a lot. The year of Olympics has also changed, the way you prepare has changed, a lot has changed. Now there are only 10 days left for the Olympics to start. You are going to get a different kind of atmosphere in Tokyo too.

The Prime Minister said, Friends, during the conversation with you today, the country also came to know how hard you have worked for the country in this difficult time, how much you have sweated. In the previous Mann Ki Baat, I had also discussed this hard work of some of you colleagues. I had also urged the countrymen to cheer for the players of the country, for all of you, boost your morale. Today I am happy to see that the country is cheering you. I have seen so many pictures with the hashtag cheer-for-india in recent times. From social media to different corners of the country, the whole country has stood up for you. These best wishes of 135 crore Indians are the blessings of the country for all of you before entering the field of sports. I also wish you all the very best from my side. A special provision has also been made on the NaMo app so that you all continue to receive good wishes from the countrymen. Even by visiting the NaMo app, people are cheering for you, sending messages for you.

The sentiments of the whole country are attached with you. And when I am looking at you all together, I see some things in common. And when I look at you, the things in common are bold, confident and positive. You see a common factor – discipline, dedication and determination. You also have commitment, you also have competitiveness. The same Chalites belong to New India too. That is why, you all are the reflection of New India, the symbol of the future of the country. Some of you are from the South, some from the North, some from the East, some from the Northeast. Some have started their game from the fields of the village, while many friends have been associated with some sports academy since childhood. But now you all are part of Team India here. You all are going to play for the country. This diversity, this team spirit is the hallmark of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.

Shri Modi said, friends, you are all a witness to how the country is standing with a new thinking, a new approach for each of its players. Today your motivation is very important for the country. You can play freely, play to your full potential, enhance your game, improve your technique, it has been given top priority. You will remember, a high level committee for the Olympics was formed long back. All possible help was given to all the players under the Target Olympic Podium Scheme. You have experienced it too. You are also feeling the changes that have come today as compared to before.

The Prime Minister said, my friends, you sweat for the country, carry the flag of the country, so it is the responsibility of the country to stand firmly with you. We have tried. For better training camps, better equipment for the players. Today, more and more international exposure is also being given to the players. Sports related institutions put your suggestions above all, that is why so many changes have happened in such a short time.
He said, just like if the right strategy is combined with hard work in the playground, then the victory is confirmed, the same thing applies outside the ground as well. If the country worked with the right strategy in mission mode by running campaigns like Khelo India and Fit India, then you are also seeing the results. For the first time, such a large number of players have qualified for the Olympics. For the first time, players from India are participating in so many sports. There are many games in which India has qualified for the first time.

Shri Modi said, it is said in our place – Abhyaat jayate nrunam dwitiya prakriti. That is, as we practice, as we try, gradually it becomes a part of our nature. For so long you all have been practicing to win. Seeing all of you, seeing this energy of yours, there is no doubt left. Seeing the enthusiasm of you and the youth of the country, I can say that the day is not far when winning will become the habit of New India. And this is just the beginning, when you go to Tokyo and hoist the flag of the country, then the whole world will see it. Yes, it must be remembered that do not play with the pressure of winning. Tell your heart and mind just one thing that I have to perform my best. I will once again say to the countrymen, Cheer for India. I have full faith, you all will increase the pride of the country by playing for the country, you will achieve new heights. With that conviction, thank you all so much! My very best wishes and my special greetings to your family members. Thanks a lot.