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Uttar Pradesh : Now the inspectors of the districts will also become the head of the police station, orders issued: Yogi

The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh has now issued an order to make police officers in the police stations of the districts as well. After this order of the police department, the inspectors will also get a chance to take over the command of the police station again. The Inspector i.e. Sub-Inspector is very happy with this new order. Till now the Senior Inspector was also confined to the Safe Outpost Incharge. Now the Sub Sub Inspector will also get more Thanedari in the districts. The government has issued a directive to relax the old rule, giving 50 percent of the police officers the responsibility of the police station in the police stations of the districts.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed that only qualified, hardworking, efficient and good integrity SHOs should be posted in all the police stations and newly created police stations and newly created police stations to make law and order more efficient. To ensure this, the government has given orders to the Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh regarding the posting of Inspector/Sub-Inspector level officers as SHOs.

Actually, the Yogi government has reversed one of its decisions. The government had decided that the command of all the police stations in the state would be handed over to the inspectors only. Not only this, work was being done under the arrangement of one Inspector Crime Control and the other Inspector Police Station Incharge. Now it has been modified.
Additional Chief Secretary, Home Avneesh Kumar Prathar told that in the instructions of the government it has been said that the posting of inspectors and sub-inspectors as police station heads should be done on the basis of their suitability, ability, diligence, efficiency, integrity and practical efficiency. This will boost the morale of the inspectors/sub-inspectors doing excellent work and will motivate other officers to do good work.

For the fulfillment of this purpose, if necessary, by relaxing the arrangement of posting of inspectors in two-thirds of the police stations as given in the order issued earlier, if qualified and suitable inspectors are not available and sub-inspectors are available, then 50 Up to percentage of sub-inspectors can be posted as SHO.

According to this arrangement, orders have been given to the Director General of Police of the State to ensure necessary action for the arrangement of posting of Inspectors/Sub-Inspectors as SHOs. It will be the personal responsibility of the Commissioner of Police/Senior Superintendent of Police/Superintendent of Police concerned to ensure this arrangement and to ensure that only capable, hardworking, efficient and good integrity SHOs are posted in all the police stations.
A letter in this regard has been issued to the Director General of Police on behalf of Avnish Kumar Awasthi, Additional Chief Secretary, Home, Government of Uttar Pradesh. It is believed that many new police stations are being opened in the districts as well as in the police commissionerate. For this reason, along with the inspectors, sub-inspectors will also be given the command of the police station.

Gorakhpur : Those who break into security will have to pay a heavy price: Yogi

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that those who breach the security of the state cannot be given exemption under any circumstances, they will have to pay a heavy price for it. Chief Minister Yogi was inaugurating and laying the foundation stone of 370 development projects costing more than Rs 94 crore of Municipal Corporation in Gorakhpur. In the program organized in Gorakhpur club, he said that we all have to be constantly aware of security along with development. A little awareness of safety can save many lives.

He said that two conspiracies related to national security have been exposed on the basis of information received from human intelligence. A conspiracy was being hatched to sabotage the security of the nation by jihadi conversion of deaf and deaf children. Those caught in this will have to pay a heavy price. In this sequence, the Chief Minister also mentioned about two suspects caught in Lucknow.

He said that a conspiracy was being hatched to disturb the celebration of independence by collaborating with pro-Pakistan terrorists. The security agencies exposed them on the information received from Human Intelligence i.e. awareness of the people. A cache of ammunition, bombs and state-of-the-art weapons were found. A befitting reply has been given to such people in time.
The Chief Minister said that what is happening in the society, it can be known with the awareness of the public and the plans of anti-national elements can be demolished in time on information. He said that the role of councilors is very important in maintaining constant communication with the public.

He said that the development plan is the right of every poor. When good public representatives are elected, the development plans reach every poor person. He said that the government was there before, money was there before, but then there was anarchy, money was wasted. Today the system is the same, only the faces have changed, so the common man is getting the benefits of the schemes.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that we have eradicated encephalitis by removing dirt and providing pure drinking water and by providing health facilities to all without discrimination. Corona has also been controlled by following the COVID protocol and providing quick health and medical services to all. Now Corona seems to be disappearing from Uttar Pradesh.

Along with this, Yogi gave projects worth Rs 93.89 crore to Gorakhpur. In the program organized at Gorakhpur Club, the Chief Minister laid the foundation stone and inaugurated 370 projects. Of these 150 projects were laid and 220 projects were inaugurated.