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Wholesale inflation at 12.07 percent

WPI inflation based on wholesale prices has been recorded at 12.07 per cent in June 2021 due to firmness in the prices of crude oil, fuel and oilseeds products.
According to the data released by the government here, the fuel prices in the domestic market remained firm due to the increase in the price of crude oil in the international market. In May 2021, the wholesale inflation rate stood at 12.27 per cent. The wholesale inflation rate has been in double digits during the last six months.

According to the data, the inflation rate of food articles has been recorded at 6.66 percent in June 2021. Apart from this, the wholesale inflation rate for primary articles stood at 7.74 percent and that of manufactured products at 10.88 percent.

In the food items category, the prices of cereals have come down in June 2021. In the month under review, the price of coarse cereals fell by 2.27 percent, paddy 2.42 percent, wheat 1.45 percent, green vegetables 0.78 percent and potato 30.97 percent.

The data showed that the wholesale prices of pulses have increased by 11.49 percent in June 2021. Apart from this, milk has increased by 1.65 percent, meat, egg and fish has increased by 8.59 percent. Due to the strength in the international market, crude petrol has gained 36.34 percent, crude oil 62.13 percent, LPG cooking gas 30.44 percent, petrol 59.4 percent and diesel 59.92 percent. Oilseeds prices registered an increase of 37.63 per cent and vegetable oil prices by 44.8 per cent.