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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Subscribed to BJP

During the program organized in the Ravidas temple premises in the presence of Dhir Singh, President of BJP Scheduled Front Kankhal Mandal, many workers who had left the Bhim Army joined the BJP. BJP state president Madan Kaushik got the party membership to the workers who had left the Bhim Army. Welcoming the workers joining BJP, Madan Kaushik said that the interests of all sections of the society are safe in the BJP itself. He said that every section of the society is getting the benefits of the schemes run by PM Narendra Modi and the state government. All the workers who have joined BJP will be given full respect in the party. The program was conducted by Shivkumar Teeshwar. Among those who joined BJP, Anand Vaid, Amit Kataria, Vaid Nath Maharaj, Rohit, Ashok, Sachin, Phool Singh, Bunty, Purna Singh, Gaurav Vaid, Chetan etc. were mainly involved. On this occasion, Kankhal Mandal President Mayank Gupta, Kankhal in-charge Amit Gautam, Mandal General Secretary Animesh Kumar, Yuva Morcha President Sumit Lakheda, Ajay Rajput, Satendra Kumar Sisodia etc. BJP workers were present.