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967 Taliban militants killed, over 500 injured in Afghanistan

In the past four days, 967 Taliban militants have been killed and more than 500 injured in operations by security forces in different parts of Afghanistan. Afghan Security and Defense Forces spokesman General Ajmal Shinwari gave this information on Sunday. He said fighting against the Taliban was continuing in 20 provinces and nine cities in Afghanistan.

He said the situation is expected to improve. As a military general, I assure that all Afghan territories will be defended with courage. Clashes between security forces and Taliban militants have been reported in the outskirts of the taluk city of the northeastern province of Takhar. Residents here expressed concern over the current situation, saying the Taliban had taken control of the city for the past two weeks.
Abdul Karim, a resident of the taluk, said, the situation is worsening day by day. Taliban firing has also engulfed the houses here. The government should try to get the city out of this situation, he said.