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There has been a big change in the rules of Jammu and Kashmir, now men from other states will also be able to become local residents

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has made major changes in the rules for becoming a local resident of the Union Territory of Jammu. According to the rules, now people living in other states, who have married a Kashmiri girl. They too can now become permanent residents of the state. For this, the government will issue domicile certificate to them. Till the time Article 370 and Article 35A were in force in Jammu and Kashmir, in such a situation only the woman was a permanent resident of Kashmir, her children and husband were kept out of this purview. If a Kashmiri man married a woman, he and his children were considered permanent residents.

At the same time, this rule was already relaxed in respect of men. He could marry a woman from any other state, children born to him were considered permanent residents of Kashmir. It is being said that this step of the administration is to end gender inequality. This notification has been issued by the Jammu and Kashmir administration on July 20, 2021.

The Narendra Modi government at the Center had proposed to remove this section on 5 August 2019. The proposal for reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir was introduced. On August 6, the same motion was placed in the Lok Sabha, which was passed after discussion in both the houses. Article 370 and 35A were repealed. Because of this article, many laws of the country were not applicable in Jammu and Kashmir. Now since the removal of these articles, changes are being made in the rules of Jammu and Kashmir continuously. In fact, Article 35A of the Constitution empowered the Government of Jammu and Kashmir and its Legislative Assembly to decide the definition of permanent resident. Earlier the state government had the right to give the right of local resident to the citizens of the rest of the country or not. Article 351 was a part of Article 370, due to which a citizen of any other state could neither buy property nor remain a permanent citizen in Jammu and Kashmir.