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Uttarakhand : There is no issue left with the opposition now : Ganesh Joshi

Need to strengthen the organization at booth level

In the meeting of BJP Shridev Suman Nagar Mandal Working Committee, emphasis was laid on preparations for the upcoming assembly elections. For this, the achievements of the central and state governments were asked to reach the public. The need to strengthen the organization at the booth level was told. In a meeting held at a hotel on Rajpur Road on Wednesday, Chief Guest Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi said that nothing is more important than the lives of the people and the priority of the state and central government is the safety of the people. Has done so much work for the opposition that the opposition is not left with any issue. The demands of the doctors have been fulfilled, the pension of the soldiers of the Second World War is being increased to 10000. On this occasion, Divisional President Poonam Nautiyal, Divisional In-charge Anant Sagar, Keynote Speaker Kusum Kandwal, Divisional General Secretary Surendra Rana, MPS Pundir etc. were present.