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Uttar Pradesh : Take cooperation of Entrepreneurship Development Institutes for Entrepreneurship Development – Governor

Industrialization is the solution to the problem of unemployment for any country – Sunil Shukla

Prepare a charioteer app for enterprise development to move forward in the direction of youth self-reliance of the state- Navneet Sehgal

With the aim of making youth self-reliant and self-reliant India, Sunil Shukla, Director General, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, under the chairmanship of Governor Anandiben Patel, presented his presentation at Raj Bhavan today. On this occasion, the Governor said that we have to take all possible measures to make the children of Uttar Pradesh self-reliant, so to promote entrepreneurship development, the State University and the MSME department of the state come forward and take initiative to establish employment. Efforts should be made for this and the cooperation of entrepreneurship development institutes should also be taken for this work. He said that the children of Uttar Pradesh are hardworking, diligent and willing to work, they need proper guidance and encouragement and universities can easily do this work, so maximum employment promotion courses are offered by Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship Development. be run through. There is a need to seriously consider how to prepare the right person for entrepreneurship. Director General of Entrepreneurship Development Institute Sunil Shukla told that Entrepreneurship Development Program is an effective way to develop entrepreneurs. Which helps in promoting socio-economic development, balanced regional development and optimum utilization of locally available resources. He said that the Entrepreneurship Development Program is mainly to develop the first generation entrepreneurs who cannot become successful entrepreneurs on their own. This is the reason that the skills required to start, run the enterprise and complete information about the related subject have been included in its training. He said that industrialization is the solution to the problem of unemployment for any country. This is the reason why entrepreneurship development is more focused on developing the economy as well as on growth potential and innovation.Sunil Shukla said that Uttar Pradesh government should make policies related to entrepreneurship keeping in mind the regional requirement, which are constantly being new. Be based on the research of change, whose benefit should also be available to the person sitting at the last stage of the society. He said that such programs can be started initially from 10 to 12 universities of the state, which can be extended further as per the requirement. He said that Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is doing entrepreneurship development work in Uttar Pradesh with SRLM, Science and Technology and Department of Minerals, which has yielded fruitful results. Shukla said that most of the people here adopt family business as a business, but now entrepreneurs can be born by giving entrepreneurship training, every skilled person can easily start his industry business by getting training in the industry of his interest. Navneet Sehgal, Additional Chief Secretary, MSME said that Udyam Sarathi App has been prepared to encourage entrepreneurship development in the state, through which new entrepreneurs can get complete information regarding the project. . He said that entrepreneurs can download this app on their mobile and also get information related to online classes and enterprise. The vision of the state government is that the youth of the state should move forward in the direction of self-reliance and become self-reliant. He said that it is the endeavor of the State Government to create a skill hub so that excellent entrepreneurs from different fields can join it. Along with this, the O.D.O.P. Entrepreneurs of the state should also be involved so that entrepreneurs can get inspiration to establish enterprises. On this occasion Deputy Chief Minister and Higher Education Minister Dinesh Sharma, Additional Chief Secretary to Governor Mahesh Kumar Gupta and former member of Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship Development AK. Vice-Chancellors of many universities including Sharma were present.