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Uttarakhand / Rudraprayad : The agitation for the demand of the hospital continued

The movement of villagers in Triyuginarayan for the demand to open a very primary health center continued on the 9th day. During this, the villagers accused the administration of ignoring them. Said that even after 9 days have passed, no positive action is being taken on this matter. On Friday also, the successive fast in Triyuginarayan continued for the 9th day. Said that the ruling administration and ruling parties are ignoring their demand. Said that now the villagers are making a new strategy. Preparations are being made to intensify the movement. The villagers have clearly said that the movement is not for the political parties to bake bread but to get their demands fulfilled. Till now the women and men of the village were participating in the serial. In a few days, children are also coming forward in this movement. Angry villagers said that many people are getting support for the movement. The villagers requested the leaders of the local ruling party to take this demand to the top leadership. Said that even after a series of fasting for 15 days, if the demand is not met, processions will be held at various places and the villagers will sit on hunger strike. Here, on Friday, the leaders of the Kisan Sabha also supported the movement. Supporting the movement, Rajaram Semwal of Kisan Sabha, Virendra Goswami of CITU said that if action is not taken on the demands of the villagers, they will also support the movement. On this occasion a large number of villagers including Pooja Devi, Champa Devi, Sushila Devi, Babito Devi, Rekha Devi, Subhaga Devi, Shanta Devi, Subhash Chandra, Vichitranarayan, Diwakar Gairola, Keshari Prasad, Jayaprakash, Vijay Prasad, Satish Chandra were present.