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Uttarakhand / Bageshwar : MLA Bhauriyal visited Bichla Danpur and listened to public problems

Regional MLA Balwant Bhoryal visited the Gram Panchayat Lathi, Dhanyad, Majkhet of Bichla Danpur. There he listened to the problems of the people. He told the people that they should apply the corona vaccine when it is their turn. He assured the villagers to start the Dharamghar, Chucher Marg soon and to install the tower. Former district panchayat president Ram Singh Koranga, former block chief Manohar Ram, Joga Singh, Govind Koranga, Shoban Singh, area panchayat member Kunjar Koranga, head Lachhi Ram, Daya Shankar were present in the program.

Former MLA listened to the problem of Majkhet area

Former MLA of Kapkot, Lalit Farswan visited the disaster affected worker, Sapuli. He said that the road connecting Badiyakot, Pindar Ghati is completely closed since July 10. Despite being the area of ​​the house of the block head and district panchayat president, if the situation there is like this, then how will it be in other areas. Roads are covered with rubble and the wall in front of every house has sunk into the ground. The house is damaged. Four foot bridges have been washed away. There is widespread anger among the residents in the area. On this occasion, the principal personnel were Devendra Danu, Deepak Gadhia, Khim Singh, Narayan Singh, Mohan Singh, Shiv Singh, Kundan Danu, Umrao Danu, Kamlesh Gadhia.