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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : Junior work manager sued in ordnance factory

Police have registered a case against four including her husband in connection with the suicide of a woman in Raipur, Doon. The accused husband is working as a junior work manager in Raipur Ordnance Factory in Doon. According to the Raipur Police Station, Manju’s wife Puneet had hanged himself on July 20 in the Ordnance Factory premises in Raipur. After this, the brother of the deceased, Satish Kumar, resident of village Gudiani, Rewari (Haryana) filed a complaint accusing Puneet and his relatives of harassing Manju for dowry. In this, he told that Manju was married to Puneet resident Mahendragarh (Haryana) in November 2017. After a few days of marriage, Puneet and his family members started harassing Manju for dowry. On November 2018, he thrashed Manju and threw her out of the house for not fulfilling the demand for dowry. Then Manju called and told in the maternal house that the in-laws are demanding two lakh rupees more car. On this, Satish went to Manju’s in-laws’ house and made a settlement by paying some rupees. After a few days, the in-laws started harassing Manju again. One day in 2019, he was again beaten up and thrown out of the house. After this Manju went to her maternal home. After staying in the maternal home for a few days, she again reached her in-laws’ house. Meanwhile, Puneet was transferred to Dehradun. He moved to Dehradun along with his family and started living in a government residence in the Ordnance Factory premises in Raipur. The brother of the deceased, Satish alleges that Puneet and his relatives did not even allow Manju to talk in the maternal house. On July 20, Manju’s mother-in-law Sheela told him over phone that Manju had committed suicide. Satish alleges that Puneet and his relatives harassed Manju for dowry so much that she committed suicide. Police Station Raipur Dilbar Singh Negi said that a case has been registered against Manju’s husband Puneet, mother-in-law Sheela Devi, sister-in-law Anu and Jethani Mona.