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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : BHEL employees protested against management and city administrator for not solving the problems

In protest against the irregularities prevailing in the township, poor cleanliness and sewer system, allocation of houses and maintenance etc. During this, the General Secretary of Heavy Electricals Workers Trade Union, Vikas Singh said that since 1963, continuous production is being done in Haridwar unit of BHEL. Never in the history of BHEL was the cleanliness of the suburbs in such a bad condition. At present the situation is so bad that garbage is not being picked up for months. Sewer lines are getting choked. Despite complaints, the choked sewer lines are not being repaired. Maintenance of staff residences is not being done. When it rains, the roof of the quarters starts leaking. Theft incidents are increasing continuously in the township. BHEL management is proving incompetent in stopping the increasing theft incidents. The roads are in bad condition. Even after being informed, the management is not serious about solving the burning problems. He warned that if the BHEL management and city administrator did not solve the problems within 15 days, then all the garbage of the township would be dumped in the city administrator’s office. Ravi Kashyap, Vice President of Heavy Electrical Work Trade Union said that if the administration is not able to get the maintenance of the quarters etc., then the HRA deduction of the employees should be stopped. So that the employees can do the maintenance of their residences themselves. Along with this, whatever officers and supervisors are working in the estate department. They should be removed and put into production work in the plant.

CFFP Union General Secretary Amit Gogna said that the quarters located on the ground floor at major locations of BHEL are being allotted directly to the police and administration employees instead of allotting them to the BHEL employees. Due to which BHEL employees are getting inconvenienced a lot. C.F.W.U., C.F.P. General Secretary Jai Shankar said that the shops running in tenancy in the township should be vacated immediately and the shops which are lying vacant in the township. All those shops should be allotted to the dependents of the deceased employees at the earliest. So that he can make a living for his family. Ravi Kashyap, BG Shukla, Ashok Singh, Balvir Singh Rawat, Rakesh Malviya, Arvind Mavi, Kamta Prasad, Prahlad Singh Chauhan, Satyendra Pratap Singh, Kamlesh Rai, Naveen Kumar, Harish Sahu, Sandeep Joshi , Divas Srivastava, Virendra Singh Bhadauria, Ishtikhar, Rishipal, Vijay Yadav, Bhavani Prasad, Dharmesh Gupta, Amit Pandey, Om Prakash Meena, Adesh Kumar, Vikas Parida, Ajay Kumar, Rajveer, Ajit Pal Sohail, Amarjit Singh, Chandan Dev, Kanhaiya Lal, Hardwari Lal Yadav, Jai Prakash Rai, Babu Lal, Puran Singh Rawat, Anil Yadav, Chandrabhan, Sachin, Deepak Roy, PK Vashisht ji, BN Yadav, Mohit, Naveen Giri, Vijay, Surendra Rawat, Shailesh Kumar, Gyanprakash, Deepak Hundreds of BHEL employees including More etc. were involved.