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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : State Government should operate Mansa Devi Ropeway-Dinesh Joshi

Dinesh Joshi, a senior social worker and former councilor of the municipality, has demanded from the state government to take over the operation of Mansha Devi Ropeway. In a statement issued to the press, Dinesh Joshi said that this will increase the income of the government as well as benefit the passengers. Along with this, employment will also increase. Dinesh Joshi told that the state government should soon operate the ropeway on Mansha Devi Marg. Due to non-operation of ropeway where livelihood of hundreds of people is being affected. At the same time, devotees are being deprived of the darshan of Maa Mansha. Dinesh Joshi said that the government should operate the ropeway itself. The lease period of the company operating the ropeway has expired. The company has an outstanding amount of Rs 134 crore on the company. Which the company has not been able to pay till now. Apart from this, lakhs of rupees have been spent by the corporation in the ongoing litigation with the company. If the state government does the ropeway operation itself, then the government will earn crores of rupees and hundreds of people will get employment. If the government considers itself unable to operate the ropeway, it should invite tenders for the ropeway operation soon. Dinesh Joshi said that the government should keep one more thing in mind that the place where the ropeway was being operated. That place comes in the restricted area of ​​Tiger Reserve Park. Therefore, for the first ropeway operation, take approval from the Honorable Supreme Court.