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2 killed, 30 hospitalized in Texas chemical leak

Officials confirmed that two people were killed and 30 others hospitalized after a chemical spill in La Porte, a city near the Gulf of Mexico in the US state of Texas. During a press conference on Wednesday, officials from Liondelbossel Industrie said its facility in La Porte experienced a chemical leak at around 7.35 pm, identified as acetic acid.

According to officials, about 100,000 pounds of acetic acid was released during the leak.

The leak was quickly stopped and was believed to be contained at the site.
According to the company, the two people killed in the leak were contractors of the plant.

Site manager Stephen Goff said 30 workers were taken to local hospitals.
Company officials said they still don’t know much about the cause of the leak, adding that that part of the unit was shut down and planned maintenance was underway at the time of the incident.

Manufacturing Ring Operations Manager Michael Vandersnick said the company is working with executives and has no off-site impact.

Pollution control experts were present on the spot to conduct air monitoring.