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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram remained down worldwide, the company apologized

Loss of 52 thousand crores to Mark Zuckerberg

On Monday night, the servers of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all over the world suddenly went down. At around 9.15 pm, the servers of all three went down, due to which the users had to face a lot of trouble. After about six hours, users could not use these three platforms. However, at 4.30 am on Tuesday, Facebook tweeted and informed about the restoration of services. Along with this, the company also apologized for the inconvenience caused to the users. When this problem of outage arose, people were neither able to send messages nor were they getting any messages.

After the service was restored, WhatsApp also informed about this by tweeting from its official handle. WhatsApp said in its tweet that the service is gradually being restored and we are moving in this direction with utmost caution. Apologies to all those who have not been able to use WhatsApp for a while. Thank you all for your patience. We will share it with you when we have more information in this regard. Earlier, WhatsApp said that we have received complaints from some people about its not working. We are trying to fix it and will update as soon as possible. At the same time, parent company Facebook also issued a statement saying – We know that some people are facing problems with our apps and products. We are trying to fix it as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. Facebook did not specify the reason for the malfunction. But according to the employees, it could be a problem with the Domain Name System (DNS). The shutdown also had an impact on Facebook’s share prices. Facebook’s share in the US stock market Nasdaq fell by seven percent, reducing the market value of Mark Zuckerberg’s company Facebook by Rs 52 thousand crore. Due to the downing of Facebook, its co-founder and Mark Zuckerberg has also suffered a huge loss personally. His net worth fell by $ 7 billion (about Rs 52 thousand crore) in a few hours and he fell down a notch in the list of billionaires.