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Uttarakhand : 7750 EVMs reached the election office from Bihar elections

Rudrapur : In view of the upcoming assembly elections, the election office has also started preparations. At the same time, 2720 VVPads, 2720 valed units and 2310 control units have reached from Bihar. With this, the engineers of ECIL company have started the first level testing of the machines. At the same time, M three machines will be used during the voting in this time. Whereas earlier M2 machines were being used in elections.

Assembly elections in Uttarakhand are to be held in 2022. For this, preparations have started in the election office. Assistant District Election Officer PB Budhalakoti said that about 7750 EVM machines have reached from Bihar. His investigation is going on. He told that this time Advance EVM Third Generation M3 EVM will be used. The specialty of M3 EVM is that its chip can be programmed only once. The software code of the chip cannot be read. It cannot be rewritten. He said that this EVM cannot be controlled from internet or any network. If anyone tampers with this EVM or even tries to unscrew its screw, the machine will shut down. He told that till now the information of the candidates was kept in the M2 EVM machine. It was a machine of two ballot units. In this, information of 32 candidates was fed. M3 machine will be used on this. It is a machine of four ballot units. In this, information of 64 candidates could be kept.