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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Islam gives the message of humanity not fundamentalism: Acharya Pramod Krishnanam

The message of harmony, unity, brotherhood should be given to all: Haji Shadab Qureshi

Kalki Peethadheeshwar Acharya Pramod Krishnanam said that some people try unsuccessfully to defame Islam. It is said that Islam teaches fundamentalism. Whereas Islam does not give the message of fundamentalism but humanity. Islam is the name of generosity. Addressing a seminar organized by Anjuman Ghulamane Mustafa Society on the occasion of Eid Miladunnabi, the Peethadheeshwar of Kalki Peeth, Acharya Pramod Krishnam, said that the amount of happiness he has for the birth anniversary of Maryada Purushottam Ram. Equally happy is Eid Miladunnabi. He said that Prophet Muhammad Sahib came as a mercy to the country and the world. He showed the path of love and humanity, the religion that teaches love cannot be a terrorist. Acharya said that politics should be done by every man, but not for serving hatred. He said that today a Hindu wants to be a better person before becoming a Muslim. Acharya said that hatred cannot be eradicated by hatred. In the seminar, Acharya Pramod Krishnam, while reading the lion in the glory of Muhammad, said that God has brought every gift to remove from sorrow, God is Shahid, he has brought the rain of Anwar, darkness has dispelled the world every moment, he was with himself. The stars have brought the procession of laughter. Haji Shafi Khan and General Secretary of the committee, Haji Shadab Qureshi said that the work is being done to publicize the life philosophy of Prophet Muhammad by the office bearers of the committee regarding the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad. The message of harmony, unity and brotherhood should be given to all. At the end of the program, Sajjadanshin Shah Ali Ejaz Quddusi Sabri of Dargah Sabir Pak offered prayers for the peace of the country. The ceremony was presided over by Mian Syed Farid Alam Sabri, Sajjadanshin of Sadar Khanqah Faizan-e-Wahid. Anjuman’s secretary Haji Shadab Qureshi, Kaliyar in-charge Gulshad Siddiqui and Roorkee in-charge Kunwar Shahid were the coordinators of the programme. Bareilly Natkhwa Haseeb Raunak Saqlaini as a guest. Committee members Haji Shafi Khan, Haji Rafi Khan, Haji Naeem Qureshi, Haji Maqbool Qureshi, Anees Khan, Gulzar Ansari, Shubhan Qureshi, Chaudhary Ateeq Khan, Jamshed Khan, Alam Saifi, Manavwar Qureshi welcomed all the guests.