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Bronze medal for Uttar Pradesh in Sub Junior Boys Handball Championship

In the 37th Sub Junior Boys Handball Championship held in Hyderabad (Telangana), the Sub Junior Boys Handball team of Uttar Pradesh won the bronze medal.

In this championship, Uttar Pradesh was honored with a joint bronze medal along with Andhra Pradesh. In the semi-finals of this championship held in Hyderabad from October 7 to 11, Telangana defeated Uttar Pradesh in a tough competition (25-21) by a four-goal margin, which led the team to be content with the bronze medal.

The UP team had made it to the last four by defeating Punjab in the pre-quarterfinals and Tamil Nadu in the quarter-finals amid stiff competition. Earlier in the league round, the team of Uttar Pradesh, which was in Pool C, had finished top of the pool by performing best in competition with the team of Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh.