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Kera / Kottayam : The exit door of the train opened considering the gate of the toilet and went ahead, the painful death of the child

In Kottayam, Kerala, a 10-year-old boy opened the exit door in a moving train mistaking it for a toilet and died after falling. The child had fallen from the moving train and was found dead. It is believed that after opening the main door assuming the gate of the toilet, this accident happened to him. The incident happened around 12.30 pm with Siddiqui’s son Mohammed Ishan, a resident of Mambadu in Malappuram. The incident happened when Siddiqui’s family was on their way back from Thiruvananthapuram to Malappuram. His son woke up at night to go to the toilet and probably accidentally opened the exit door and moved on. The family members said that as soon as they felt that the son had fallen, they pulled the chain and stopped the train. But the child could not be saved and he was found near the tracks. After stopping the train, an attempt was made to find the child with the help of people living nearby. After some time he was found, he was immediately taken to the hospital, but the doctors declared him brought dead.