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Rajasthan / Sriganganagar : Fifteen BJP and independent councilors joined Congress including Raisinghnagar Municipal Vice President

Fifteen BJP and independent councilors, including vice-president of Raisinghnagar municipality, Harish Dabi, joined the Congress today in Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan. According to the information received, now the number of Congress councilors in the municipal board has increased to 18. Due to this BJP municipal president Manish Kaushal Tony came in minority. There are 35 councilors in the board. It is believed that due to mutual tussle and factionalism between Municipality President Manish Kaushal and Vice President Harish Dabi, this reversal has happened.

In the afternoon, 18 councilors including Mr. Dabi went to Padampur and met Congress MLA Gurmeet Kunnar. These included three Congress councilors. 15 councilors, including Dabi, expressed their desire to join the Congress. Mr. Kunnar got him the membership of the party. Those who have joined the Congress include councilors Sunaina Shah, Ashok Goel, Charanjit Singh alias Gagan, Mallika Soni, Jagdish Kadela, Sunil Nayak and Municipal Vice President Harish Dabi, who have left the BJP. The independent councilors include Fatehchand Agarwal, Sanjay Nayak, Hansraj Nayak, Surendra alias Vicky, Shyamsunder Balmiki, Nitesh Bishnoi, Shravan Pareek and Saroj Kanda.
Shri Ashok Goel was angry with the party for not being made a candidate for the post of President in the elections held ten months ago. BJP’s 16 and Congress three councilors were elected to the 35-member board, while 16 councilors were elected as independents. Mr. Manish Kaushal Tony was elected independent councilor but BJP gave him a ticket in the election of the President. Shri Kaushal was elected unopposed as the President of the Municipality. Congress did not field a candidate in front of him. According to the Municipality Act, no no-confidence motion can be brought against the chairman of the municipality. There is a provision in the Act that a motion of no confidence can be moved only after the completion of the tenure of at least two years of the elected Municipality President.