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The war against Corona will intensify, the center will buy 6 million vaccines of the world’s first DNA vaccine in October!

The central government is all set to release ZYCoV-D (Zycov D), the world’s first DNA vaccine against COVID, this month. A source said that the government aims to procure a total of 60 lakh vaccines in October for this. The source said the government will procure over 28 crore vaccines in October. This includes 22 crore CoviShield vaccine shots, 60 million Covaxin and 6 million DNA vaccines.

The ZYCoV-D i.e. ZycoV D vaccine was approved by the regulatory authority of India in August 2020. The three-dose DNA vaccine has a 66.6 percent efficacy against COVID. Instead of a needle, an applicator will be used to inject the skin with lab-produced DNA.

The ZYCoV-D vaccine was to be rolled out in the first week of October. When asked about the delay in the vaccine roll out, Dr V.K., member (health) of NITI Aayog. Paul said last week that the Zydus Cadila vaccine would not use conventional syringes or needles.

Pal had told on Thursday that the Zydus Cadila vaccine would be administered to people through an applicator. This applicator will be used for the first time in India. Dr. Pal said that the Zydus Cadila vaccine is administered through an applicator, not using a conventional syringe or needle. On the availability of the vaccine, Pal said that preparations are on to introduce Zydus Cadila’s vaccine under the National Immunization Program very soon.
Paul had said, we are working on trainers. Training programs are being organized on the use of applicants. We are also solving the logistics issues of the vaccine and soon it will be part of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. The ZYCoV-D vaccine will be given to the age group of 12-18 years. Meanwhile, India’s vaccination coverage has crossed the 96 crore mark till Wednesday morning with 50,63,845 vaccine doses in the last 24 hours. India is working hard to achieve the 100 crore vaccine mark very soon.
This can be achieved within 2 to 3 days, the source said. He said that all the ministers and MPs would publicize this achievement in their respective areas. However, as per the data shared by the Union Health Ministry, more than 8.43 crore remaining and unutilized COVID vaccine doses are still available with the States/UTs.