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Uttar Pradesh / Ayodhya : Kabri Mahotsav San Sant Samagam organized at Shri Kabir Dharma Mandir Nianpur

Life philosophy of Sant Kabir is more relevant today than ever
Kabir Mahotsav, Sant Samagam and Spiritual Conference started

The festival, organized in the virtuous memory of the founder of the temple, Sadguru Ramsurat Saheb and the late Saint Udar Saheb, was inaugurated by the Peethadheeshwar Acharya Vichar Saheb of Kabir Samadhi Sthali, who came from Maghar as the chief guest, with garlanding the picture of Sant Kabir and lighting the lamp. On this occasion, while addressing a large number of Kabirpanthi saints, devotees and other dignitaries, he said that the philosophy of life of Sant Kabir is more relevant today than ever before, in which the spirit of equality, freedom, justice and fraternity is full of codes. Is. He said that due to the evil tendencies of collection, the gap between economic and social inequality is increasing continuously in the society. Material possessions are only the means of happiness and development for us, but it is the biggest mistake of man to consider resources as the basic wealth of life. By distributing, increasing and decorating these material resources, man is getting away from human qualities. He said that in the philosophy of Sant Kabir, infinite energy of liberation of man is contained, on which revolutionary change starts in life as soon as it is implemented.

The inaugural session of the festival was presided over by senior Congress leader Smt. Madhu Pathak and conducted by Sant Vivek Brahmachari. At the beginning of the program, Sant Umashankar, President of Kabir Mandir Seva Samiti welcomed the guests on the stage and other senior saints by garlanding them. On this occasion, Acharya Manmohan Saheb, President of Vishwa Kabir Vichar Manch, as the main speaker, said that man has taken the wrong path of search for God, due to which he cannot attain salvation and salvation. Superstition, untouchability and discrimination are the biggest constraints in the upliftment of humanity. Only by our ideological and spiritual strength can goodwill, prosperity and happiness come in the country and society. The festival ceremony was organized by the Principal of Sant Kabir Mahavidyalaya, Maghar, Dr. Harishan Shastri, D.C.F. Former Basti Chairman Ramshankar Nirala, Former BSNL Finance Manager RK Yadav, Arvind Shastri, M. Ramchandar Saheb Siwan Bihar, Rajesh Arya, Sant Ram Singh Saheb, Well-known Storyteller Sadhvi Nandani, Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Ramprakash Saheb, Shildas, Bhuneshwardas Other prominent people also addressed. Earlier, Bhajan singer Ramprasad Saheb of Akashvani / Doordarshan, who came from Gorakhpur, mesmerized the people with the presentation of his melodious hymns. Prominent people like Nirmal Kumar Verma, Anoop Kumar Jaiswal, Krishna Verma, Ram Abhilash Verma, Balram Verma, Ajit Yadav, Amarnath Verma, Vinod Patel, Akash Pathak, Vishnu Yadav, Ramashish Dubey, Deva Dwivedi, Jokhu Yadav etc. were actively involved in the ceremony.