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MY11 Circle launches campaign for ICC T20 World Cup

The country’s multi-game platform Games 24&7 has launched a new campaign for the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup on its fantasy sports platform My11Circle. Seeing the passion and overwhelming support of Indian cricket fans, a campaign named ‘Game Ke Deewane’ has been started which will start tomorrow with the first qualifying match of the T20 World Cup. Under this campaign, whenever the Indian team wins the match, then double the amount will be given in the prize.

Commenting on the launch of the new campaign, Bhavin Pandya, Co-Convener & CEO, Games24&7 said, “The World Cup is the top tournament in cricket and this season of T20 World Cup is being held after a long gap of five years, so there is a lot of Indian cricket fans. There is expectation and enthusiasm. When India do well the excitement reaches its peak, so this special campaign is our salute to all the dedicated supporters of the game of cricket and the Indian team.

Sourav Ganguly, one of the great batsmen and captains of India and the brand ambassador of My11Circle said, “If cricket is a religion in India then fans are the biggest devotees.” His constant support and the enthusiasm with which he follows his team and favorite cricketers has been the most important factor in elevating cricket as a national passion and it unites our nation. As a player and captain of the Indian team, I can tell that the kind of support the Indian cricket team receives is unprecedented for any sports team around the world.

This is the new campaign of My11Circle in a series of new campaigns, which have always celebrated the enthusiasm of dedicated Indian cricket fans. The main priority of the campaign is to maintain the enthusiasm of cricket fans across the country. It is understood that the idea of ​​starting this campaign came from the message ‘There is no dearth of fans here, but without them the game is nothing’ and ‘Game ke crazy’.