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Uttarakhand / Rishikesh : Tehsil administration alert after rain warning

The Tehsil administration looked alert after the Meteorological Department’s warning of heavy rain on Sunday and Monday. The administration advised people to move to a safer place, warning the people of the danger of possible floods in the population area situated on the banks of the Ganges and its tributaries. The disaster management team has been instructed to keep a watch.

The administration came into alert mode in the pilgrimage town of Rishikesh after 7 am on Sunday morning due to drizzling rain. The administration team reached the flood affected places like Chandrabhaga, Chandreshwarnagar, Trivenighat, Mayakund etc., through loudspeaker, appealed to the people to take special vigil in view of the heavy rain forecast of the Meteorological Department. He was advised to go to a safe place before the danger of flood. In view of the possibility of rise in the water level of Ganga at Triveni Ghat, the devotees were warned. Revenue sub-inspector Satish Joshi said that the team led by the tehsil administration has visited the flood-affected areas and advised people to go to a safer place. Told that the disaster management team is deployed to deal with the danger, they have been instructed to keep a watch on the situation from moment to moment.