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Uttarakhand / Vikasnagar : RSS did path movement in Selakui

The volunteers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh took a pledge to protect the nation by marching in Selakui on Sunday. Volunteers in full uniform were chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai while marching on the streets of the city. During this, the residents welcomed the movement by showering flowers on the volunteers.

The road movement started from the courtyard of Government Inter College Selakui, passing through the main city as well as the connecting roads, ended after returning to the Inter College. The uniformed volunteers walking with the picture of Mother India kept motivating the people to serve the nation. During the intellectual session, the keynote speaker Pankaj Kishore Gaur said that we all should take inspiration from the life of Lord Ram, who gathered people and fought against the demonic forces prevailing in the society and won. Similarly, all of us volunteers have to organize the entire Hindu society and fight against the anti-national forces. He said that service to the nation is the biggest religion. Along with the nation, it is also our moral obligation to serve every needy person. Said that male service is like Narayan service. District union driver Devraj, city worker Gyan Singh, Vichin, Sanjay Kandari, Sumit, Harish Benzwal, Prakash Bhatt, Abhishek Saini, Vinod Kashyap, Rajneesh Kamboj, Sachin Dhapola, Narayan Bhatt, Anil Gaur etc. were involved in the path movement.