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Uttar Pradesh / Sonbhadra : Demand for dismissal and action from the membership of Parliament

On October 18, a program was organized by Kol Samaj in Babaura Raghunath Singh village under Haliya police station of Mirzapur, where Rawatsarganj BJP Apna Dal alliance MP Pakori Lal Kol abused Brahmins and Kshatriyas from an open stage. And used abusive words as well as flouting the constitution by making fun of police administration and law.

Regarding this whole issue, former NYSUI State President and National Secretary Raghavendra Narayan strongly criticized it and demanded strict action against him by sacking MP Pakori Lal Kol from the membership of Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Speaker of Lok Sabha. is from. At the same time, he also alleged that till now Brahmins were being murdered under the rule of the Bharatiya Janata Party and now due to the politics of vote bank and caste-based reasons, Brahmins and Thakurs are being given streets by the BJP, so that In the upcoming elections, the votes of Dalits and backward classes can be polarized, when no work has been done for 5 years, now they have the support of these electoral tactics, but the BJP may not know that the ground has slipped from under their feet. And now these electoral gimmicks are not going to work, the public has woken up and is ready to see the game of caste religion; There is a deep resentment against the policies of the government in the minds of the people of the entire state and the country, which will stop only after the cleanliness campaign started from Uttar Pradesh in 22 and in Delhi in 24.
Raghavendra Narayan accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of playing the game of ‘co’ and ‘scratch’ in the case of Pakadi Lal Kol and said that those who are saving the killers of the farmers and are taking the cases against them themselves ‘from those people’. No action can be expected against the abusive MP, yet if someone flaunts our dignity and the constitution, then we and the people of our society will not sit silent and work to play brick by brick.