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Uttar Pradesh / Sonbhadra : Interest free loan to tribal dalits – IPF

The demand arose on the tenth day of the indefinite dharna

Tribals and Dalits should be provided interest free loans from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Finance Development Corporation so that they can arrange their livelihood. This demand arose on the tenth day of the All India People’s Front’s dharna in Raspahari today.

In the dharna, the speakers said that there is economic backwardness in Duddhi. Farming: Farming is backward and unproductive and local dalits tribals do not get employment in industries. Due to lack of livelihood for the people, the tribal Dalits are forced to migrate. Wherever they go to work, they are also made to work like bonded laborers. Wages are not given by getting work done, many return home with diseases like TB, silicosis. In this area, to rob the tribals, a syndicate works by providing loans from banks, which mortgage the lands of illiterate tribals. If it is investigated, then its loot will come to the fore in Dudhi on a large scale. Therefore, for development in Duddhi, the government should make arrangements for the livelihood of the people. The loans of farmers should be waived, branches of cooperative banks should be opened on a large scale at the village level and interest free loans should be given through Scheduled Castes Tribes Finance Development Corporation. IPF District Convenor Kripa Shankar Panika, Mazdoor Kisan Manch District President Rajendra Prasad Gond, Mangroo Prasad Gond, Manohar Gond, Sanjay Gond, Dev Kumar Vishwakarma, Indradev Kharwar, Birjan Gond, Chandrapal Gond, Sunita Devi, Soni Devi, Udsia Devi, IPF district coordinator in the dharna Santosh Kumar Baiga, Mamta Devi, Vijay Singh Gond etc. were present.