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Uttar Pradesh / Sonbhadra : Inquiry report of food grain disturbances from FCI godown submitted to SDM

Disclosure of disturbances in the investigation of Tehsil, big action may be taken

The joint team of Tehsildar Suresh Chand Shukla and Deputy RMO Sanjay Pandey investigated the food disturbances and irregularities from the FCI godown in connection with the food disturbances from the FCI godown located in the local agricultural market complex, then the disturbances were big during the investigation. Both the investigating officers have submitted the investigation report to Duddhi Deputy District Magistrate Ramesh Kumar.

Deputy District Officer Ramesh Kumar said that during the investigation by both the officers, irregularities and irregularities were found in the report. The involvement of Babu, who took the clearance from the FCI godown, has been found during the investigation. He said that after preparing the inquiry report, it would be sent to the district officer for action soon. Without the presence of the Senior Haat Inspector at the FCI godown, the food grains are removed from the godowns and the rotten food grains from the market are brought to the godowns and supplied to the government cheap galley kotdars. About 300 sacks of rice were supplied from the godown to two kotedars of Amwar and Dhorpa villages. Complaint was made to Deputy District Magistrate Ramesh Kumar. Taking the matter seriously, the Deputy District Magistrate had directed the Tehsildar and Deputy RMO to investigate and submit a report. During the course of the investigation, a large number of irregularities and irregularities have come to the fore. Government food grains and government empty food grain sacks are kept separately from the FCI godown. Not only this, the said food grains and sacks are sold to the food mafia at high prices and the money received from them is distributed amongst themselves.