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Uttar Pradesh / Sonbhadra : Under the Chief Minister’s Mass Marriage Scheme, 315 couples were married

Under the Chief Minister’s Mass Marriage Scheme, 306 Hindu society and 09 Muslim community couples were married with pomp and show in the Robertsganj premises on Thursday.

Under the state government’s ambitious scheme of Chief Minister’s mass marriage, the marriage of 315 couples was completed in the premises of New Krishi Utpadan Mandi Committee Robertsganj in Sonbhadra district while performing religious rituals. In the program, Minister of State Sanjeev Gaund, Rajya Sabha MP Ram Shakal, MLA Robertsganj Bhupesh Choubey, MLA Ghorawal Dr. Anil Kumar Maurya, SC ST Commission Vice Chairman Ram Naresh Paswan, District Magistrate Abhishek Singh, BJP District President Ajit Choubey, Block Head Robertsganj Ajit Rawat, including Social service public representatives, government officials and personnel, religious worship, jaymal, vermilion, seven rounds of marriage and blessed the bride and groom. During the marriage ceremony, an orphan girl, who has no parents, was donated by Minister of State Sanjeev Gaund. The preparations for the wedding ceremony were done by the bride and groom with religious customs. The procession came properly, the procession was welcomed, the people of the bride and groom’s side were felicitated. In the marriage ceremony, where 206 couples of Hindu society were married according to Hindu customs, 09 Muslim couples were married with Nikahnama.

Under the Chief Minister’s Mass Marriage Scheme, 315 couples were married at government expense in the presence of public representatives. They were given information about government schemes. A letter of acceptance of 35 thousand rupees and household items of 10 thousand rupees was given to the bride of the marriage. The accessories include a set of different types of utensils, a mobile, chunari, a set of sarees for a wedding, three sets of sarees for the bride, a pressure cooker of 3 liters, a pair of silver anklets, two pairs of silver beechias, a big urn, given by the government. 51 thousand rupees per pair was spent by the government. Apart from this, 300 couples were given bedsheets as a gift by Grasim Industries Ltd. Renukoot.

All the citizens of Gharaati and Barati’s side who reached the spot were felicitated and delicious dishes were also fed. The wedding ceremony was performed by Shri Ganesh with the sound of conch shell and Panchang Puja was performed according to religious customs. While addressing the wedding ceremony, the people’s representatives said that the Chief Minister’s mass marriage scheme is being run by the state government to help the most backward, poor, helpless people of the society, so that the boys and girls of the families of the most backward people of the society are commendable. The work is being done by the state government.
District Social Welfare Officer Ramashankar Yadav, District Program Officer Ajit Singh, District Minority Welfare Officer, District Youth Welfare Officer, Development Block Officers, Pradeep Kumar of Social Welfare Department, Pankaj, Shani Prasad, Shadrul, Ajay and Awadhesh etc. should be present.