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Uttar Pradesh / Sonbhadra : Inflation hit the decoration of houses, the market is not showing the beauty

Diwali, the festival of lamps, is fading, the loss of customers at paint and selected shops

Deepawali festival is now about a fortnight left. In such a situation, villagers have started decorating their houses and painting, but this time inflation seems to be heavy on the festival. has been Due to which there is silence on the shops of paint and select. Because after Corona this year, due to inflation, rural and urban areas are not seeing as much brightness as it was for the last two to three years.

Due to inflation, the farmers’ Diwali seems to be fading in rural areas. The main reason for this is that due to Diwali, there are colorful items in the market in the sky, due to which the farmers are finding it expensive to decorate their house. Somehow they have started painting the houses, but the glow of the festival is not visible on their face. On November 4, the festival of Lakshmi Puja i.e. Deepawali will be celebrated. In view of this, the farmers of the area have started the work of decorating their homes and painting them. But due to inflation, people are buying according to their budget. Compared to last year, this time, you have to pay a little more for buying paint items. The prices of paints, paints and distemper paints have increased. Inflation is hitting all the goods. It is clear from this that this time more money has to be spent in lighting the house during Diwali. This worries them.

Inflation hit on colours and paint
Home decor items have become costlier by 10 to 20 per cent this year. Traders have to pay more freight, due to which the effect is visible on the market. The distemper, putty and paint available for decoration have become somewhat expensive. People have to pay high prices to buy these goods. There has been a difference of 20 to 25 percent compared to last year, due to which people’s pockets are getting loose.

Increased problems of laborers
People from the working class are facing more problems. After a long day’s work, he can hardly afford two meals a day. Hundreds of daily wage laborers come to work in Duddhi town every day, but this time there is no special enthusiasm for the Diwali festival. The financial budget of his household has been disturbed due to festival expenses. There is a problem in buying festive goods due to the increased prices.