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Uttarakhand / Roorkee : Sprayed to stop dengue outbreak

To prevent the outbreak of dengue, the municipality sprayed insecticides in various localities. Municipal officials say that the awareness campaign is going on continuously. Dengue outbreak is increasing continuously in the area. An awareness campaign about dengue is being run by the municipal administration for a long time. Door to door study material is being made available to the people. They are also being told about the measures to prevent dengue. Azhar Ali, the executive officer of the municipality, said that four special teams have been formed by the municipality. Which is reaching various localities and spraying insecticides. The team included Sanitation Inspector Adesh Kumar, Environment Supervisor Shamshad Ahmed, Senior Clerk Asmat Javed, Sandeep Chaudhary, Sanjay Singhal, Mursaline Ahmed, Masihuz Zaman, Health Clerk Waseem Abbasi etc.