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China launches hypersonic missile, America suspects India too

An independent report of the US Parliament has said that India is among the few countries that are developing hypersonic weapons. The US Parliament’s report comes at a time when a recent media report claimed that China had launched a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, which orbited the Earth before missing its target. China has surprised American intelligence agencies with this test.

The US, Russia and China have the most advanced hypersonic weapons programs, but some other countries, including Australia, India, France, Germany and Japan, are also developing hypersonic weapons technology, the independent Congressional Research Service (CRS) said in its report this week. are.

The CRS said in its report that Australia has entered into an alliance with the US and India with Russia in this regard. The CRS report said that India has tied up with Russia to develop the Mach 7 hypersonic cruise missile BrahMos 2.

“While BrahMos 2 was initially targeted to be ready in 2017, news reports indicate that the schedule has been delayed,” the report said.

India has about 12 hypersonic wind tunnels and has been able to test speeds of up to Mach 13, said a Parliament report prepared by experts on the subject for US lawmakers. ‘Financial Times’ (FT) According to the news, China tested a nuclear-capable missile in August, which orbited the Earth before rapidly moving towards its target. It said that American intelligence agencies were also surprised by this test. China, however, said it had tested a hypersonic “yan” (vehicle) and not a nuclear-capable hypersonic “missile”.

“It is reported that India is also developing an indigenous, dual-capable hypersonic cruise missile under its Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle program and has successfully tested a Mach 6 scramjet between June 2019 and September 2020,” CRS said. was tested.”

The British newspaper claimed in its news that China has tested a hypersonic missile with advanced space capability and it missed its target by a distance of about 24 miles.  According to CRS, the US has tied up with Australia on the Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation (HIFIRE) program since 2007 to develop hypersonic technologies.  Like India, France also has tie-ups and contracts with Russia for the development of hypersonic technology and Japan is developing ‘hypersonic cruise missiles’ and ‘hyper velocity gliding projectiles’.