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North Korea reprimands America for supporting Taiwan, says China is its target

North Korea has targeted America for supporting Taiwan. US President Joe Biden had said that if China attacks Taiwan, America will protect Taiwan. President Biden made this statement, taking a different line from America’s old stance on Taiwan. North Korea on Saturday accused the Biden administration of escalating military tensions with China through Taiwanese support, saying the US military presence in the region was a potential threat to North Korea.

In comments made by the media, North Korea’s Deputy Foreign Minister Pak Myong Ho criticized the US for sending warships through the Taiwan Strait and providing Taiwan with advanced weapons systems and military training.

Confusion increased after Biden’s statement

When the US President was asked whether the US would defend Taiwan, Biden said, “Yes, we are committed to doing so.” But a White House spokesman later told US media that the remarks should not be taken as a change in policy. On the other hand, Taiwan also said that Biden’s statement will not change its policy regarding China. There is a law in the US under which it has been said to help in the security of Taiwan, but there is no clarity in the US about what China will do if it attacks Taiwan.

China and America face to face

At the same time, America and China have once again come face to face on the Taiwan issue. This time, China has gone a step ahead and has also warned America that it will not make any concessions in protecting its interests. China has said that America should not spread the wrong message about Taiwan, there will be no compromise in this matter. China’s Foreign Ministry has told the US that there is no room for agreement on the Taiwan issue. America should stop sending the wrong message. At the same time, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin has said that China will not make any concessions with anyone to protect its interests.